Review Assignment


Reviews are commentary on a particular work. This work can be in the form of an advertisement, another review, movie, book, etc. The goal of a review it critically analyze the contents. It is not to merely summarize the work but to offer an exploration and insight into the content. As you write your review, think about the goal of the work, tone, etc.


Please write an essay in which you review a book, movie, advertisement, etc. This paper should include both summarize and reflect on the work itself.

Objective and Purpose:

Your genre of your essay will be a short review. The main purpose of a review is to critique a work. You should be sure to include a brief summary of the work (1-2 paragraphs). Then offer your observations, opinions, and insight into the work. Refer to the readings in your textbook for examples. Remember that reviews are more than summarizing the plot or characters; they are meant to tell the reader whether you believe it to be good or bad and why.


· MLA Format

· 12 point font (Times New Roman)

· 2-5 pages, double-spaced, typed 

· Works cited page


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