Review the following resource: John Cage – 4’33” for piano (1952) https://www.yo
Review the following resource: John Cage – 4'33" for piano (1952) In previous time periods, composers generally followed the accepted style of the time. This concept of time changed in the twentieth century, especially as many composers left Europe due to the world wars and settled in the United States. Rather than following a set style, composers were more concerned with creating their own style. In the early part of the twentieth century, we had many “-isms”: impressionism, expressionism, serialism, and so on. But there was one composer who challenged us on our concept of what music really is. Discuss whether or not you agree with John Cage’s portrayal of “music” in 4'33". Choose one of the composers from this module (Part 7: Chapters 22–24). " Aaron Copland" Find a composition by the composer and describe what characteristics place the composition in its specific style. Discuss how the musical elements in the twentieth century are different from the earlier time periods. Do composers still use the musical elements in the same way, or have they succeeded in creating new uses for them?

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