Resourses: (if you have to login, let me know) This is what i have already written: do what you wish : Thesis: How media tells of how to act when “doing gender” sex and gender The documentary “The Codes of Gender: Identity and Performance in Pop Culture” by Sut Jhally teaches us how media has given us guidelines on how to be and look in society. Focusing on sex and gender Sex: Sex is thought of as the “Different biological characteristics at birth” (Doc), assumed as male and female and even deeper masculine and feminine. Though there are biologically six different sexes we still base our labels of people on these physical characteristics. In “The Codes of Gender” Jhally explains how media displays male and female bodies differently and this is based on if the models are male or female. Having women’s hands placed as though they are effortlessly holding an object. Sometimes they aren’t even holding an item, they are just barely touching it, but the women’s hands always look tiny or delicate. On the other side, men’s hands look strong, rough, veiny, and huge. When men hold items, they have a firm grip on it and typically if they aren’t holding something their hands will be in a fist. Women placed in positions that are vulnerable gay men also shown this way or image is for the masses, men ready to make action Kids looking like women and women looking like kids We now see women as in power(hero), even when the code switches and they are in power they still wear revieling clothes. Still presenting the feminine code while portaying masculine codes. They do this to divide men and women because what man would want a wmen whos not a full women and what women would want a man that’s not a full man. Danica Patrick poses in sexual position to prove shes still a woman even though she is in a male dominated industry. Men gaze, women present themselves to be gazed appon

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