Researching a Policy Topic
MY RESEARCH TOPIC IS HOMELESSNESS IN SACRAMENTO, CA. MY POLICY CHANGE IS ATTACHED FO YO TO WRITE ABOUT You should write a 350- to 700-word paper that discusses your completed research, defines a problem related to your selected topic, and discusses the benefits of your proposed policy change. Specifically, your paper should do the following: Explains why your approved topic is important. You may want to consider the following: the public, public sector, nonprofit sector, tribal government, or a function in a public, nonprofit, or tribal agency Summarizes a proposed policy change or a new policy related to your approved topic Discusses the problem the proposed policy change or new policy will help mitigate. Each of the following items should be included in your discussion: Introduces and identifies (supporting data/statistics) the problem including the state government, local government, or nonprofit organization that will enact your proposed policy change. Explains the background of the problem Expresses the feasibility of overcoming the problem Describes the current status of the problem Discusses advantages of the proposed policy change or new policy Cite at least 2 resources using APA format.

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