Research Question: What solutions can be made to prevent biodiversity loss? Writ
Research Question: What solutions can be made to prevent biodiversity loss? Write your research question at the top of the post. Then, post a link to each source (I’m looking for 2 sources). Then, below each link, include the following information with each one of your sources: Include a brief summary for each source that highlights the most important things you learned about your topic from that source. This should be a thorough explanation that shows that you read the source--and reveals why you are interested in this topic. Please remember to follow the correct structure for summaries. See page 440 in your textbook and/or this page. What was the question (or questions) that you set out to answer for this blog and how does this source answer those for you? Justify why this was a useful source for answering your research question. If this source doesn't answer your question, justify why you chose it. Again, do not pick sources generally about your topic--pick sources that move you closer to answering your research question. What aspect(s) of the problem/issue/topic does this source seem to focus on most? What kinds of information does this source not discuss? What new, surprising, or unexpected information came up in this source? (This can be information that was in response to your questions, or information unrelated to your questions.) Note: Within your answers above, include at least one quote from the source with an in-text citation in MLA format. (Refer to this resource if you need help remembering how to do this. Actions ) When thinking about what to quote, select a sentence or two that seems significant to this source and connects to what you are saying in this summary. Step 2: Reflect on your next steps. After you’ve answered the questions above for each of those sources, post a summary of what you feel you understand about your topic, what you are confused about, what questions you still have. You might also discuss: What do you understand (overall) about your research question and its potential answers? What questions do you have now that you did not have before? For example, we usually break our research question up into smaller questions we have that we need the answers to before we can answer the research question. What questions do you need to answer still before you can fully answer your research question? If you were going to explain this topic to someone, what are the parts you would be less confident explaining?

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