Research Paper The Research paper is due next. The topic will be your choice. Th
Research Paper The Research paper is due next. The topic will be your choice. The research paper should be in third person with no person shifting unless you are your own evidence in a body paragraph. The Research paper should be 4-6 pages, approximately 1200-1500 words, with at least four different sources with a Works Cited page. No more than 15% of the paper can be from outside sources, either directly quoted or paraphrased! Do NOT have a cover page. Do not break it into sections and have headings for introduction and so forth. It should be one continuous paper with no section headings and no abstracts. There should be no bulleted or un-bulleted lists. The entire paper is in prose. If a chart or graph is used, it should be in end notes, not in the body of the paper. Please ask if you are not sure of these instructions as they pertain to your paper. 5 paragraphs, Paragraphing rules from other papers still apply with five sentence minimums in every paragraph and so on. As usual, consult the reference text for help on organization, development, and other information. It should go without saying that you are not to use a previously written research paper and submit it again for this class. Be acquainted with format info, such as footnoting, MLA style, endnotes, and Bibliography. Works Cited are not numbered. They are alphabetical by last name. Minor errors in style in the Bibliography (or Works Cited) are acceptable, but you should demonstrate that you know how to cite your references properly in MLA format. Please use the Coastline library and librarian as a reference for your questions, and there are numerous websites that explain MLA formatting for both in-text citations (in the body of your paper) as well as documenting sources at the end of your paper in Works Cited.

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