Research a law that would apply to your chosen healthcare organization in which
Research a law that would apply to your chosen healthcare organization in which you work or are interested to research further. You will create an infographic that addresses the following: Explain why the policy was on the agenda of the policymakers. Explain the policy formulation. Describe how the policy was adopted. Identify the agencies involved in developing implementation procedures, guidance documents, or issuing grants to other governments. Provide an executive summary of the law and the details included in the graphic. Length: 1-page graphic and a 2-page summary of the graphic, not including title or reference pages. References: Include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources. Other scholarly and credible sources may also be used as supplemental support. An infographic is a visual representation of knowledge or data to present information quickly and clearly. Infographics will help explain your knowledge of complex processes to others in a simple, graphic manner. An infographic is a fairly easy and creative method to explain more complex concepts clearly. Generally, an infographic is a single page in length and consists of graphics and key concepts. While a Venn diagram is a typical form of an infographic (as Venn diagrams show both concepts and the common overlap of concepts), modern technologies are now available to help you be creative! In fact, you will find a simple Internet search may locate more examples than you could possibly think of. Here are just a few options. Prezi Support - Easelly: Signup with - Easelly: Infographic Design Tips & Tutorials - Google Charts: Interactive charts for browsers and mobile devices. - Using Google Charts - h Note: Please add an attribution at the end of the page if you are using Google Charts to create your infographic. Piktochart: Piktochart Login - How to Create an Infographic and Other Visual Projects in 5 Minutes [Infographic] -

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