representation about a chosen Earthen People’s perspective of the night sky
Read about the Astronomy of Asian Cultures' Interpretations, then watch Videos about the Astronomy of Asian Cultures' Interpretations. Choose a set of people (Asian culture) to study for this assignment based on the broad categories presented in the Module Reading & Video pages. Create a short essay of at least 400 words. In your essay, consider addressing: Out of all the cultural interpretations you could have studied in this assignment, why did you choose to study the culture you did? What was most interesting to you in reviewing these resources? Consider enfolding figures and illustrations that you saw or made in response to what you read and saws. What did you learn from these resources? How did the culture you studied relate to the sky differently than Western modern civilization (and/or you) do today? To what extent and how did learning about this culture add to your sensing about the lineage of humans' relationship with the night sky? What new questions do you have after reviewing these resources? I WILL ADD LINKS TO READINGS AND VIDEOS YOU NEED TO READ AND WATCH BEFORE STARTING THIS ESSAY. PLEASE, IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ASSIGNMENT, NOTIFY ME RIGHT AWAY OR IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG, NOTIFY ME RIGHT AWAY!! Links to readings:
Astronomy of Ancient India Links to Videos:

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