****PLEASE REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE AS ME PLEASE DO NOT CRITIQUE HER POST JUST REPLY AS A REGULAR STUDENT APA FORMAT PLEASE REFRENCES MUST BE WITHIN 5 YEARS ****DISCUSSION QUESTION-What is your personal worldview? Connect your worldview to cultural and spiritual competence. How will your worldview and cultural and spiritual competence affect your role and scope of practice as an advance registered nurse? Consider both the provision of safe, quality care to diverse populations and interprofessional relationships. In response to your peers, what components of your worldview would be important to integrate into a nursing theory? Think deeply about your views and patient care. This will help prepare you for the Topic 4 assignment. Cite at least one source to support your response. ***MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE - My personal worldview is that of a Christian worldview, and I like to believe that it has shaped my entire personal life. Core Christian values include empathy, loving your neighbor, and overall, being a good person (Lawson, 2022). I was raised Christian. I don’t always attend church or read my bible, but I am a firm believer, I apply try to apply love and compassion in everything I do. Professionally, as a nurse, I believe my Christianly worldview helps me to provide caring, compassionate care to my patients. My worldview will continue to positively impact my cultural and spiritual competence. As a provider, I will be the first to understand that my worldview will not always be shared with my patients, or other members of the interdisciplinary team. And that is okay! That is what makes us individual. It is important for an APRN to recognize their own beliefs, put their own judgments or bias aside, to deliver cultural and spiritual care to each patient. An example of this would relate to end-of-life care. Me, personally, what I would want, is to not suffer. I’d initially want all attempts to be made, however, if they were unsuccessful, I’d want all efforts to prolong my life to be stopped. Some families I’ve seen, working in an ICU, believe that all attempts should be made, and end of life care should not be terminated. However, even if I disagree with their decision, it is not up to me to agree or to disagree. It is up to me to help them determine a plan that reflects on what the patient would want and support them. Lawson, Stephen (2022). The Christian Worldview. Retrieved from

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