Reply needed for this Discussion  The news source I chose was Fox News. As a ste
Reply needed for this Discussion  The news source I chose was Fox News. As a steadfast moderate, I chose fox news because of its polarizing coverage. Their frame work mainly focuses more on socially conservative topics and they are a very hard right news broadcasting station. A good example to give you regarding its hard right opinions, on their website you can find Trumps speech regarding the riots that happened at the Capitol. Fox news did a live broadcast of Trump giving his thoughts on the matter and it frames the issue at hand, political violence. The way Trump delivers his speech framed political violence to be an awful thing and in his words, “Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movements stands for.” However, that being said, just moments before the riots at the Capitol, he in fact lit the flame and fueled the fire by voicing that supporters should continue to challenge the 2020 election results that gave President Joe Biden the win and take the fight to the Capitol. The fact that Fox News managed only to cover Trumps broadcast regarding his emotions towards the riots and how he does not support violence, clearly displays ideological bias to the right side. It’s hard to side with Fox News knowing their frame work only promotes a very hard right view trying to present Trump in a positive light when he clearly had an undeniable connection to the riots that broke out. Had they aired him giving his speech questioning the integrity of the election and stating the words “take fight to the Capitol”, I might have different views on Fox News. And of course, Trump stating "take fight to the Capitol", Fox News will say that his statement was a "figure of speech" to help promote the right side views. Below you will find the link to Trumps speech. Instruction for the assignent Once you have completed your original post, pick a peer’s post and read/view their source. In 150 words or more, respond by doing the following: First, provide a link to YOUR source and tell them which side of the chart it is from. Discuss how your source’s framing of the issue compares/contrasts with theirs. How did their source define the issue and the people involved versus yours? Do you think their source’s bias was clearly on display? Do you agree/disagree with the source’s point of view? Why or why not? My discussion (for the reference only) New York Times Media’s Insights on Political Violence I chose this link for the media source from the left side of the bias chart. The New York Times media located on the left side of the bias chart portrays violence as the biggest problem. I will use this media source to discuss how media covers the issue of violence and also how media present the events regarding violence in sensationalist or ideological bias. As noted earlier, one of the major causes of political violence is the greed for power; it is proved to be accurate as portrayed by the New York Times. As the congress democrats are still pursuing the impeachment action against Triumph for the second time, his followers are not showing any sign of despair even after a malicious attack on the united states Capitol the other week. Triumph's supporters are not willing to back down from their protest for their supposed rights. Alternatively, the democrats in congress are not also ready to recede from impeaching Trump. This article does not frame some people as good while others are bad because it explicitly explains that both teams fight for what they believe is right. However, both parties are doing this to gain authority and power to their side. Also, this source uses relevant pieces of evidence from the recent occurrences to present the issue of political violence. Therefore, the use of practical pieces of evidence limits all the grounds for ideological biases. Furthermore, this media source is right because it has made realize that there is much alternativeness that the United States can use to avoid such violence. It presents bias-free information without any form of propaganda, thus making this source a more authentic and reliable one instead of many other sources that are unreliable and full of bias and prejudice. Reference Can the U.S. avoid more political violence? (2021, January 12). The New York Times - Breaking News, US News, World News, and Videos.

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