Reflection: In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the self-reflection questio
Reflection: In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the self-reflection questions below. Include a title page in APA format using the title iHuman Reflection Week 2. In 2-3 paragraphs, respond substantively to all required reflection questions. Analyze your personal strengths and areas for growth.   Now that you have completed your first virtual client encounter identifying differential diagnosis and diagnostic tests and ranking differentials, it is important to assess your performance.  Select ONE of the following topics and discuss your achievement. Be sure to include at least ONE evidence-based improvement strategy to improve your performance in your next virtual patient encounter.     Gathering client information (history and physical examination)   Organization and interpreting information to synthesize the problem   Identifying differential diagnosis  Ranking differential diagnosis and identifying must not miss diagnoses  Developing the treatment plan and selecting appropriate diagnostic tests, medications, or other treatments  Review the Healthy People 2030 Vaccination objectivesLinks to an external site.. Consider how your treatment plan might change for this client if she was not up to date on her vaccinations. What opportunities for education would you identify? How would a client’s opinions about vaccines impact your educational strategies?

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