Readings To prepare for this unit’s discussions, please read the following: Hunt
Readings To prepare for this unit's discussions, please read the following: Hunt, M. (2007). The story of psychology. New York, NY: Anchor Books. ISBN 9780307278074. Clarke, Arty, and Suler's 2002 Internet article, "The Future of Online Psychotherapy and Clinical Work." Baker and Ray's 2011 article, "Online Counseling: The Good, the Bad, and the Possibilities," in Counselling Psychology Quarterly, volume 24, issue 4, pages 341–346. Reflection We have investigated several areas within the field in our journey through the history of psychology. Reflect upon the various thinkers, theories, concepts, and historical ideas we have studied, and describe how several of them have helped to mold you into a psychologist. Who and what have been most influential? What possible topics in research or practice might you enjoy pursuing in your future?

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