Read the following article then answer the attached questions. https://worldnew
Read the following article then answer the attached questions.
Barack Obama announces intention to run as president of Kenya in 2021
Think through these 10 critical thinking principles while answering questions: Be skeptical. Insist on evidence. Examine definitions of terms. Examine the assumptions or premises of arguments. Be cautious in drawing conclusions from evidence. Be especially cautious of anecdotes (“I know someone who…”). Consider alternative interpretations of research evidence. Do not oversimplify. Do not overgeneralize. Apply critical thinking to all areas of life. 1.What are a few things that should make you skeptical about this article about Obama? 2.Find evidence that either proves or disproves this information by researching it. Briefly summarize it (sentence or two). 3.Using a different source, find a recent news story and question it. NOT THE OBAMA ARTICLE! Give a quick summary of the story with a link, then tell me how you researched it for accuracy, and what you find out (was it true or false). You don't have to write a paper. A few sentences for each number (PART 2: 1-3) will work.

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