Read the attached article titled “Crowd Pleasers”. attach Based on what you hav
Read the attached article titled "Crowd Pleasers". attach Based on what you have learned about project management, what do you feel are the benefits of project management for such large projects? Describe at least three (3) benefits in detail. Do you see any examples of communications and stakeholder management in the article, and if so, please describe them and their importance to the process. Please be sure to write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Please add an APA title page with your name, the class name, the date, and the title of the assignment. Use double-spacing and 1 inch margins, Times New Roman Font size 12 pt. Be sure to properly cite your sources in APA format (including this article). Please do not write more than three pages (not including the title and reference pages) Write the essay in Microsoft Word and upload it for your submission.

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