Read pages 3-12, 16-22 Complete the following problems on loose leaf, when fini
Read pages 3-12, 16-22 Complete the following problems on loose leaf, when finished take a PICTURE of your work and UPLOAD it. Problem Set 1.1; page 13-15 #9,21-22,31,35 and 51 Problem Set 1.2; page 23-25#1-2,7,12,16,25,41 and 51 one of the 3 problems below using Polyas 4 steps and post each step of your solution. Comment on your classmates approach to any of the other 2. Your response should indicate if: The work is complete and correct. • The response demonstrates a thorough understanding of the mathematical concepts and/or procedures embodied in the task. •The response indicates that the student has completed the task correctly, using mathematically sound procedures. • The response contains clear, complete explanations and/or adequate work when required. a) If an island's only residents are penguins and bears, and if there are 16 heads and 34 feet on the island, how many penguins and how many bears are on the island? b) Six glasses are standing in a row. The first three are empty, and the last 3 are full of water. By handling and moving only one glass, it is possible to change this arrangement so that no empty glass is next to another empty one and no full glass is next to another full glass. How can this be done? c) How many triangles are there in the figure below? 1) What do you think is the most important concepts in this section(6.6)? Why? 2) What are the easiest and the most difficult parts of this weeks section? Explain your answer. page 294-295#26-27,32,34,37,43 and 47 Continuing our Problem Solving journey, this week we will explore ratios and proportions. Expanding on the video, how do you use them in your everyday life? page 303-304 #5,11,15,25-26,37,49,53,57 and 58 page 312 #1-5,29,31,35,47 and 54 page 319-320 #4,9,23 the name of the book is nature of mathematics

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