READ DIRECTIONS PLEASE Objective of this Project: To propose an alternative stra
READ DIRECTIONS PLEASE Objective of this Project: To propose an alternative strategy for an existing company (intuitive) and briefly analyze its feasibility. Requirements for the written report in their simulated report to that company, students will offer the company an alternative strategy to their current one. The alternative could be any variation on a business-level or corporate-level strategy – for instance, go into a new market, roll out a new product or service, form a new strategic alliance, undertake a merger or acquisition or divestment, shift the business model pretty significantly, etc. The paper should have a clear narrative. It should have enough detail in it to defend the feasibility of the strategy being proposed, but not so much as to get mired down in a full strategic plan with all the operational details of carrying it out. What the paper is addressing is the feasibility of the strategy, not laying out the detailed plan for carrying out the strategy itself. Some operational thoughts might be needed. For instance, if you advise your company to customize formerly standard products for a variety of different consumer markets then to assess the feasibility of this you’d really have to say a bit about how this could/would/should happen…for instance that there would be additional R&D and manufacturing costs, distributor partnerships needed, new marketing, alliances, etc. (THE COMPANY BEING RESEARCHED): THE QUESTION: Your Key Insights (not every result!) from an Internal Analysis? Here you need to look at the company, and its capability to pull off your suggested strategy – and if it currently doesn’t have what is needed to do that, what it needs to do to get there. Be careful not to mismatch a company with a strategy it is unsuited for or that would undermine its ‘nature’ and core strategy. Like telling Apple to compete for the cheapest/lowest feature cell phones in the developing world. (OUR GROUPS SUGGESTED Strategy) Our team suggests that Intuitive incorporates more affordable surgical technology tools that can be used for minor surgeries into their product line. Currently, Intuitive focuses on a differentiation strategy and only sells three high-priced surgical technology products. By changing their strategy to incorporate a more diverse product line, this company can reach a wider audience and increase brand recognition.

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