Read Chapter 6 in your textbook and consider the question “How can we cope with
Read Chapter 6 in your textbook and consider the question "How can we cope with stress?" Search Keiser's Online Library, the web, and/or other sources for professional information. What has been your own experience with the management of stress in your own life? Do you maintain an appropriate amount of stress in your life or do you have too little or too much? Does stress motivate you or discourage you? What do you do to relieve stress in your life? Do you need to make any changes in your lifestyle to improve your overall level of stress? You may also explore this site: Please be sure that you: Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least three additional professional sources. Write a scholarly article in APA format containing a minimum 400 words. TEXTBOOK: Title: Health Psychology, 11 Edition Authors: Shelley Taylor, Annette L. Stanton Publisher: McGraw Hill ISBN: 978-1-260-83428-4 Grading Criteria Points Submitted paper answering all stated questions: Personal management of stress (12) Appropriate level of stress (12) Motivational or discouraging (12) Methods to relieve stress (12) Changes in your lifestyle needed (12) 60 Proper APA format of citations and references and use of scholarly resources (at least 3 in addition to the textbook). 20 Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format (organization, topic/transition sentences, headings, etc., introduction and conclusion) 20 Total 100

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