REACTION PAPER #1Your paper must be typed. Make sure to number each question an
REACTION PAPER #1Your paper must be typed. Make sure to number each question and to give the correct number of responses when required. Typically, this paper is 3 - 4 pages in length. This is a reaction paper. In other words, you are to react to each question by getting in touch with your emotions. As there are no right or wrong answers, feel free to express your emotions as you like. For the questions that have to do with your childhood (birth – 12), take a memory trip, go back in time and remember what is was like to be the sweet little boy or girl that you were.1. What is 1 thing that your parents said to you or didn’t say to you that have shaped you into the person you are today. Explain how this has affected you. Example, “My mom told me to never use drugs and thankfully, due to her good advice, I have never touched anything.” Another example, My father never said, “I love you” so now I feel insecure. I need constant reassurance from my boyfriend that he really does love me.” Give 1 response.2. What are 2 problems your family had while you were growing up that has shaped you into the person you are today? Explain how each problem affected you, then and now? Example, “My father was an alcoholic which caused so much stress for my family. He would come home drunk and then get into a huge fight with my mom. I felt so scared and helpless at these times.” Expand on this. Another example, “My family had to move a lot so it was really hard for me to make friends at each new school that I went to. Today, I don’t have a lot of friends. I prefer to be by myself. I really get lonely at times.” Expand on this. Discuss 2 problems.3. What are 2 changes that you can make with your own child which will make you a better parent than your parents were to you? Explain each response. Example, “My dad did not take the time to really get to know me. He was there physically but not emotionally. I am going to make sure to spend quality time with my child. I want my future son or daughter to know that they can come to me and talk to me about everything.” Expand on this. Discuss 2 changes.4. Will you be able to tell your child, “I love you?” Why or why not? Example, “Yes, I will be able to tell my child “I love you” because my mother was a very lovingperson.......” Expand on this.5. What is one of your happiest childhood memories? Explain why this memory is so special.6. What is one of your saddest childhood memories? Explain why this memory is so sad to you. NOTES:1. I will be the only person reading your paper so there will be 100% confidentiality.2. React to the questions on a feeling level. I want to experience your emotions.3. There are no right or wrong answers so be your TRUE SELF.4. Because some of the questions may bring up sad or painful emotions, I suggest doing the paper in several sittings. In other words, you may want to respond to questions #1 and #2 and then take a break and then come back and respond to several more questions.5. For questions #5 and #6, make sure to explain why your memory is one of the happiest and saddest. For example, if Christmas time is one of your happiest memories then describe what Christmas was like for you. If losing your pet dog is one of your saddest memories then tell me about your dog and what she or he meant to you. 5. I will give a follow-up lecture which will help you process your feelings after having written this paper. I will also post counseling resources you may wish to use should you want additional support with any issues you have shared.

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