Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Citing
Instructions For this discussion, use the same article you read for Discussion 1: Close Reading and Brainstorming. Choose one paragraph from your article. Cut and paste the paragraph into the top of your message. Think: When you are faced with source material that you want to use as support in your writing, how do you decide how to incorporate it and synthesize it with your own ideas? How can you show your reader which ideas belong to your source and which are your own? How do you give credit to your source when you quote or paraphrase? Write: In your initial post, you will practice quoting and paraphrasing, and then consider when to use each strategy: Pick one sentence to quote. Use a signal phrase to introduce the quotation. Pick two sentences to paraphrase. Be sure to combine the two sentences into one. Remember that you must completely rewrite the source material into your own language. Create a correctly formatted in-text citation, using MLA Style, for your quotation and your paraphrase. Create a correctly formatted Works Cited entry, using MLA Style, for your article. Discuss how you decide when to quote and when to paraphrase. What is the benefit of each type of source use?

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