Quotations and summary
Your assignment here is to write a paragraph of at least 100 words based on the two articles you found in Unit 3 from the databases listed on the Nursing and Health Studies Guide. You should include a quotation from one of the articles and summarize or paraphrase other key information. Please do not use a blocked quote for this assignment. Incorporate a brief quotation using a signal phrase or other method of incorporation. Be sure to effectively incorporate and contextualize the source material. You should also use APA format for the paragraph, and you should include a references list. In the next unit, you will be able to add--and expand on--this body paragraph to/in your rough draft, so keep in mind that this paragraph could be the start of one of your key/main points of the essay. Your instructor will evaluate your work based on the following criteria: Quotation is effectively incorporated, using a signal phrase or some other method of incorporation Summary/paraphrase is effectively integrated into the text Sources are clearly contextualized as part of writer’s discussion of the topic In-text citations are in correct APA format Reference list is in correct APA format

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