Questions to address in the essay: 1. Please diagnoses Helen with either an A
Questions to address in the essay: 1. Please diagnoses Helen with either an Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder. Determine and support your position for diagnosing Helen with the disorder you have determined her to have. In this section, please state clearly what disorder you are diagnosing Helen with using the name of the disorder, the DSM-5 and the ICD-10 Codes. 2. What symptoms did the client report that are consistent with the clinical diagnosis? 3. Please list the ethical considerations that are present for treating Helen with psychopharmacological treatment. 4. Please list what your ethical considerations are as Helen’s treating therapist. 5. What are some of the psychopharmacological treatments that are commonly prescribed for this clinical diagnosis? 6. What are the adverse effects of these psychopharmacological treatments for the proposed clinical diagnosis? Writing expectations include competency in the following: Sentence Structure Verb Tense and Agreement Pronoun Use Possessive Use Punctuation Spelling Focus and Organization Introduction & Conclusion (Other Guidelines) Cover page and reference page. Must include Introduction and Conclusion Minimum of 4 Peer-Reviewed Sources Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman Essays should be in APA style (Please refer to the APA 7th Edition Manual for guidance). ALL texts must be cited including PAGE NUMBERS to avoid plagiarism

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