Questionnaire Assignment Part B Analysing data and writing up the results (15 m
Questionnaire Assignment Part B Analysing data and writing up the results (15 marks) Part A: Instructions After students complete your questionnaire, you will analyse the data and write a 400 – 500 word essay discussing the results. Students will create tables and graphs using Excel or a similar spreadsheet program, and the data will be converted to percentages. Tables and graphs will be included and referenced within the essay, as exemplified below: 1. According to Figure 1, more women than men used transit to commute to work. 2. Forty percent of men drove to work compared to twenty percent of women (Figure 1) 3. Fifty percent of female respondents used transit to travel to work(Table 1). 4. As shown in Table 1, females were more likely to travel to work than men (Table 1). Figure 1: Male and Female modes of commuting to work 2022 Source: Sociology 101A in-class survey Table 1: Male and Female Modes of Commuting to Work Commuting mode Male % Female % Transit 40 50 Car driver 40 20 Car passenger 20 30 Source: Sociology 101A in-class survey Accountability • For part of the assignment, your total grade will be calculated by multiplying the group grade by the percentage allocated to all members of the group to your contribution to the assignment. • Each group member will receive a sheet that they will submit to me anonymously, and they will distribute the percentage of the contribution amongst the group members. This assignment is due July 13/22 by 11:59 pm, must be submitted in a PDF format, and is worth 15% of the overall mark. Additional guidelines for this assignment How to analyze 1. Clean the data 2. Compare different categories by gender (excel sheet example) 3. Create visuals – graphs and LABEL AS FIGURES 4. Write the short paper Writing the paper 1. Introduction a. Should start with a general statement or hook – you want to draw the reader’s attention b. Requires a thesis statement – what is the purpose of this paper? c. MUST let the reader know the purpose of the paper, and what you will be writing about. It is like a road map for the reader 2. A short paragraph must explain the research method, analysis, and state that the responses were confidential and anonymous 3. Describe the findings and CITE the GRAPHS within the assignment. If possible, apply sociology theory. 4. Conclusion a. Should summarize the paper (short summary) Common student errors 1. Capitalization 1. the first word of a sentence, and place names and people’s names 2. Plagiarism 1. please use your OWN words and do not copy from other sources 3. Word usage 1. sometimes students use a thesaurus, but do not check the meaning of the word please make sure that the word meaning is correct 2. Don’t try to impress me with multisyllable words – use words that you know 4. Spelling and grammar errors 1. Please check your grammar and spelling and ask a friend or family member to look over the spelling and grammar errors

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