Question 1  The clinical nurse leader (CNL) is a recently proposed role. The res
Question 1  The clinical nurse leader (CNL) is a recently proposed role. The responsibilities of the person in this role include which of the following? Provide daily care to a specific subset of patients with similar needs.  Oversee and manage care delivery in specific settings.  Manage and streamline operations in multiple nursing units.  Replace the outdated CNS role.  Question 2  Which of the following is an example of a research question based on a clinical problem? Relationship between hours of bright light and irritability of preterm infants  Nursing intuition about what measures are most useful with anxious patients before surgery  Stories of a flight nurse’s experiences with posttraumatic stress disorder  Published observations of a nurse who practiced many years in elder care  Question 3  Which research design would be used to determine the relationship between self-concept, physical fitness, and health habits in school-aged children? Applied research design  Nonexperimental design  Experimental design  Pretest and posttest design  Question 4  For data collection to be valid, what must occur? The tool must be accurate all of the time.  The tool must measure what it is supposed to measure.  The tool must be unbiased.  The tool must be thorough.  Question 5  Which of the following must be included in the informed consent in research? Participants need to know the funding source for the research.  Participants must be informed of risks associated with participation. 

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