Question 1. Case study Thomas Johnson is a budding professional baseball player
Question 1. Case study Thomas Johnson is a budding professional baseball player and a top MLB draft prospect as a pitcher. Lately, he has noticed some discomfort in his pitching elbow. Thomas tends to practice his pitching on a frequent basis, especially during the season. After a few days of rest, his elbow feels better, and he performs well in his next throwing session. Nevertheless, he has read about the success of Tommy John surgery, which repairs the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow. Some athletes have reported that after recovery they are able to throw with more velocity and with better accuracy than they were prior to the injury. Since his elbow hurts from time to time, Thomas thinks that having elective Tommy John surgery will improve his pitching prowess and ultimately will position him for a higher draft selection. 1. From the ethical perspective of both Thomas and the surgeon, why should Thomas have the surgery or why not? 2. How can the surgeon create effective, ethical leadership on the issue of not allowing sports-related surgery that is not medically indicated? Question 2. One of the best ways to engage in an exploration of sportsmanship and the relationship of sport and virtue is to examine case studies based on actual events that occurred throughout various sports, at all levels. As you reflect on these consider the following questions: 1. Is the athlete in question morally required to act in the manner he or she did? 2. If the athlete in question acted otherwise, would you consider his or her action unethical? 3. Do you consider his or her action morally praiseworthy? 4. Is there any moral concern with the action? 5. Does your evaluation of the action change given the age and level of the competition (i.e. youth sport, high school, college, Olympic, professional)? 6. What sort of feelings arise as you reflect on the actions of the particular athlete in question? 7. What is the leadership component of the situation in question?

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