Please respond to the following questions: In your view, what were the major problems and achievements of Maoist socialism, if any? Also, please shortly respond to this post. "During the era of the revolution, many people were sent to re-education camps because they were not considered loyal to the communist ideology. Mao declared that intellectuals could not be trusted by the people when it came to education, so thousands of teachers and professors were directed to re-education camps, resulting in a decline in literacy in China. The camps were established in 1955, also the first sanctioned policy of the Chinese administration. The police department was given the power to arrest anyone who denied communist ideology and send them to re-education camps. Mao was incompetent. Moreover, he was brutal, intolerant and as dangerous to his followers as to his enemies. Changes in politics were often sudden, and yesterday's "people's hero" could be tomorrow's "enemy of the people", often only to be subsequently rehabilitated, though usually posthumously. I think he was corrupt and took state funds for himself. He ignored intellectuals who wanted to help the country and killed them for their criticism. This left Mao and a handful of people who feared him to run the country. Mao was ignorant of agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, almost all the various trades and industries needed to modernize the country. Tens of millions starved because of his ill-conceived plans. No one dared question his foolish plans or give him bad news because they were afraid of him."

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