Purpose: This assessment is intended to support student development of oral pres
Purpose: This assessment is intended to support student development of oral presentation skills. The scenario: You are one of several managers of a financial intermediary being present at a capital raising event. Each manager is to present a different aspect of the capital raising to an audience of wholesale clients with an interest in impact investing. The financial intermediary is the host and has been selected by a government body (in any country) to help raise private capital through an issue of social impact bonds (SIB). The government body plans to combine the money raised with its budget to fund the maintenance and expansion of a successful intervention program that aims to improve the wellbeing of people adversely affected by a social problem. To draw the audience interest to the investment opportunity and get their support for the independent social service provider responsible for the delivery of the intervention program, the financial intermediary understands that, first and foremost, the audience wants to know why they should participate in the capital raising. This explains the role below for you to convince the audience that the capital raised will be spent on a worthy cause that is intended to combat a pressing social problem and break the vicious cycle. Your role: To deliver a presentation to raise awareness of a pressing social problem in no more than two minutes. The social problem: The lecturer will assign each student a social problem to prepare for the presentation. The allocation will be posted on the course Moodle page in Week 1 in the ‘Oral Presentation’ section. For each social problem, I have curated one or two clusters of web pages for you to explore. You may use either or both clusters in whatever way you like to derive idea and develop content for the presentation. When you explore a web page, be mindful that there are usually embedded links to go further. If you find the webpages inadequate, feel free to broaden the search for more information. If none of the web pages interest you, you are welcome to explore elsewhere to derive idea and develop content Mental health C1. Social Venture Australia: The Resolve Social Benefit Bond • SVA • Flourish Australia C2. Miscellaneous • Lifeline, Stories of hope • Beyond Blue, Stories about suicid

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