Purpose of this assignment: Give an effective oral presentation Practice basic
Purpose of this assignment: Give an effective oral presentation Practice basic outline format Use Canvas Studio to submit your assignment Get comfortable with creating presentations in a virtual environment To prepare for the Introductory Speech, you'll need to first: Review the module for additional tips and tricks for a great presentation. Review this super helpful tutorial (Links to an external site.) on using Studio (ARC) on Canvas to submit your videos. Keep this Studio Guide page (Links to an external site.) bookmarked in case you run into any issues. Review the requirements of the speech located on the Practice recording your speech. Try your best to make sure your videos are captioned. Follow this tutorial (Links to an external site.). Be sure to make commenting available as your peers will be able to give better feedback. What to do: Once you have reviewed Week 9-Revisiting Public Speaking-Module 8 and the instructions for this assignment, outline your speech and prepare to present. Finally record your speech and upload it to the assignment. We will not be giving peer feedback on this speech. For this speech will be the only person who can see the video and who gives feedback. This presentation is out of 25 points. Your Midterm Presentation speech should run about 5-7 minutes, but it's acceptable to go up to 9minutes. Points will be deducted for going over 9 minutes and less than 5 minutes. You have two weeks to complete your Midterm Presentation speech. Give yourself PLENTY of time to submit using the Studio function and upload your video. Midterm Presentation Directions For this presentation you will give an informative speech. I will give you the thesis and what each Main Point should address below. You will give a 5-7 minute speech about one concept you learned in the first half of the semester. You can check out the page on the Midterm Presentation Information for a list of the topics. Your thesis will be: Today I will inform my audience about (insert concept name here) Your main points will be: An overview of the concept-this is where you will provide a general explanation about the concept and include any definitions or other information from your textbook An example of the concept in practice-this is where you will tell the audience how we can see this concept in practice. For example, you might tell us about how we might see an example of expectancy violation theory at work when we are riding an elevator OR give an example of how chronemics might be different across culture OR give a time that you experienced the concept and what it led to (miscommunication, excellent communication, etc.) An example of how this concept can help you: Looking to the future, how can you use this concept to improve your communication? What can you learn and put into practice that will make you a better communicator?

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