Purpose and Objective: You will write a research paper analyzing a current socia
Purpose and Objective: You will write a research paper analyzing a current social problem related to race, class, and/or gender. In selecting a topic and writing this paper, you will take a position, defend claims, and evaluate causes and solutions to a social problem with evidence and analysis. Get Started: Choose a social problem related to this course on race, class, and gender that you feel passionate about researching, analyzing, and solving. Your topic can be directly related to specific content from this class or any topic that relates in some way. Begin the library research and drafting process as soon as possible. It is important that you do preliminary research before committing to your topic. Structure: Your paper should be divided into 3 general sections; each will consist of multiple paragraphs. You will utilize scholarly sources in each section to support claims and to be eligible to receive full credit. Section 1: Introduction to the social problem (2-3 paragraphs)-Define, describe, and clarify the social problem. Use scholarly/credible sources/data/evidence to explain how and why this issue constitutes a social problem. Section 2: Causes (3-4 paragraphs)-Identify two or more of the main causes of the social problem supported by scholarly research. Explain, analyze, and elaborate upon these causes. Section 3: Solutions and Conclusion (2-4 paragraphs)-Identify one or more solutions supported by scholarly/credible research. At the end of this section, provide a conclusion paragraph in which you restate your thesis and sum up your main points and the larger significance. Paper Guidelines and Format: Use a minimum of 3 credible sources (which can include scholarly and academic articles, government websites, scholarly books, and your textbook). Typed, Double spaced 5-6 pages (Title and References/Works Cited Pages don't count) APA or MLA format

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