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How do biological processes influence psychological processes, such as our mental processes and behaviors (i.e. neural messaging, the different lobes in our brain)? Are most psychological processes impacted by nature? Or is it nurture? Provide an example supporting your answer and explain. en sentence minimum for your answer to the discussion question ( full sentences! If I see you have written the minimum to meet the requirement by shortening your sentences you will lose points.) Less than two grammar and punctuation errors. College-level work regarding writing your response. You need to mix the information from the textbook or other articles on the module with your own examples/personal experiences. Your response can not be ONLY opinion. Citing Your Sources within the post and at the end with a bibliography. Recommended sources,,, Here is an example of an A post. This is only 1 of 2 posts. You must post two times to receive all of the 10 points: Heredity and environment interaction are contributors in development. There are genetic codes that are passed down from both parents to their child which make the child unique as they carry half of each parent’s genes. The environment surrounding a child also plays a factor on how the child develops. As mentioned by Santrock “The emerging view is that complex behaviors have some genetic loading that gives people a propensity for a particular development trajectory (Plomin, Defries, & Fulker 2007). However, the actual development requires more: an environment. Environmental influences range from the things we lump together under “nurture” (such as parenting, family dynamics, schooling, and neighborhood quality) to biological encounters (such as viruses, birth complications, and even biological events in cells) (Greenough & others 2004)” (p.48 2008). If the child is brought up with a nurturing family and environment, the child is more likely to follow in the same foot steps with his future family and will more than likely be friendlier. However if a child is brought up in a more hostile and negative environment, the child has many obstacles to overcome and the child may also reflect that negative up bringing out onto others. I believe that heredity and the environment play major roles in the development of children. I've witnessed it first hand how each can affect the way we turn out. My cousin and I are not that far a part in age and both have had similar lives growing up. We were both raised by mother's from a broken marriage with the help of grandparents. The only difference between us was that I was able to see my father every other weekend and he did not know his father at all. Having that male figure to guide you can make a difference. My cousin is doing better now but he use to get in trouble a lot while we were growing up and I only made a few mistakes but mostly tried my best to succeed. Our mother's (they were sisters) were also different, my mom was more nurturing and provided discipline when needed whereas his mother was more passive and let him do whatever he wanted. The two different environments we grew up in I believe is what contributed how we developed as children. Santrock, J. W. (2008). Essentials of life-span development (1st ed.). New York, NY: Mcgraw Hill Higher Education

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