Personality Perspectives and Theories in Psychology DIRECTIONS: For this assignment, you will record a 3–5 minute video discussing theories of personality development. This will provide you an opportunity to practice your professional presentation skills, which is becoming increasingly important to convey on video. To begin, read each of the Unit 5 Case Scenarios and select one for this assignment. In the video presentation, you will discuss your chosen case scenario. You may use the Unit 5 Assignment Guide to note your responses to the assignment questions and help you prepare for what you will say in your presentation. You will not need to submit this guide as it is only for your reference. Please be sure to respond to each of the following: Identify which scenario you have selected to focus on for the assignment. Then identify the personality theory that is aligned to each of the four theoretical interpretations described for your scenario: psychodynamic perspective, learning approaches, humanistic approaches, or trait theories. Please justify your answers. Which of the theories makes the most sense to you to understand the person in the case scenario? Please provide a detailed explanation to support your decision. Video Requirements: The video recording should be in Standard English and communicate clear and logical information to the audience. Please aim to keep your presentation between 3–5 minutes and meet all of the following requirements: Use the Speaking Effectivelyresource and Professional Presentation Tips for help with preparing for your video presentation. Be sure to make at least one reference to the unit material, text, or other academic source, referencing the author, title, and year of referenced material(s) in the case of outside sources and author and title in the case of in-class materials. Your video will only be viewed by yourself and your instructor. To record your video, please use the Kaltura software to complete this assignment. For more information, review the directions within the Kaltura Student Guide located in the Kaltura Help Resources for Students under the Help menu.

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