Prompt 2 Demonstrate how problem-posing approaches to education benefit the stud
Prompt 2 Demonstrate how problem-posing approaches to education benefit the student and the classroom environment at large. In other words, why is Freire such a staunch advocate for the implementation of problem-posing education over the long-utilized banking concept? What are the potential advantages to transitioning away from a banking concept and towards problem posing? In an education system struggling with maintaining student success (such as here in America) how could problem-posing curriculum lead to advancement in education? Utilizing Freire’s work coupled with an outside academic source, analyze the problem-posing educational theory and the implications of such an approach being implemented in the educational curriculum of struggling systems. Suggestions for outside reading include essays on Finland’s educational system (currently ranked the most successful education system of industrialized countries), the Montessori method of education, which mirrors many of Freire’s tenets, or articles on contemporary career expectations/what interviewers are looking for in potential hires (the ability to readily problem solve). Outside Sources Outside sources must be academic. Unacceptable sources include Wikipedia, encyclopedias, general Google searches. Research from general or non-academic resources will not be considered. In D2L Content students will find information on utilizing library databases and how to locate qualifying research. MLA Formatting

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