Prompt · Ranked-choice voting (RCV) has garnered a lot of attention lately
Prompt · Ranked-choice voting (RCV) has garnered a lot of attention lately. Does RCV solve problems arising from SMP and PR without causing worse problems? Answer the question in the prompt in a short, well-written response of 250-300 words total. In your answer, make explicit references to ideas and/or facts in at least two relevant required course readings. Part of the assignment is for you to determine which readings are relevant for your answer. Use in-text citations, and assume that the course syllabus is your “works cited.” (You will only be using course readings.) Avoid using direct quotes while appropriately crediting the source of ideas and facts. Refer to three of the readings. NO OUTSIDE SOURCE · Do not include a works cited · Do not include the titles of the readings. Instead, simply refer to authors by last name and date of the publication (unless there are more than one required reading written by the same author[s]). The titles of readings will not count toward the 300-word total. (Your name does not count toward the total either.) One of readings, other three have been attached.

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