Project – Popcorn ClaimsCase: You are responsible for marketing your brand of po
Project – Popcorn ClaimsCase: You are responsible for marketing your brand of popcorn. Based on samples of differentbrands of popcorn it is known that un-popped popcorn kernels have a mean of 36 kernels perteaspoon with a standard deviation of 5.9 kernels per teaspoon. Lab: You are to construct an experiment to determine how your popcorn compares to the mean.Based on your statistical conclusion, write a summary of your findings and determine the bestmarketing approach to sell the benefits of your popcorn. Step 1: Test 3 samples of popcorn to compare the number of kernels per teaspoon to the mean anddevelop your claim; your null hypothesis statement and your alternate hypothesis. Determine thecritical value against which you will compare the results of your experiment. Use a significancelevel of α = .05. Claim:______________________________________________________________Null Hypothesis:______________________________________________________Alternate Hypothesis:__________________________________________________Critical Value:_________________________________________________________Step 2: Take 30 new samples of popcorn and count the number of kernels per teaspoon, recordyour results. Determine the mean of your sample.1.________ 7.________ 13.________ 19.________ 25.________2.________ 8.________ 14.________ 20.________ 26.________3.________ 9.________ 15.________ 21.________ 27.________4.________ 10._______ 16.________ 22.________ 28.________5.________ 11._______ 17.________ 23.________ 29.________6.________ 12._______ 18.________ 24.________ 30.________Sample Mean:_______________________________________________________ Step 3: Conduct the appropriate statistical test, determine your conclusion about the nullhypothesis and your final conclusion that addresses the original claim.Test Statistic:________________________________________________________Conclusion regarding null hypothesis:_____________________________________Final conclusion with regard to original claim:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 4: Consider the best marketing approach given the results of your experiment. What claimwould you make that sells the benefits of your popcorn? Write a paragraph using everydaylanguage that would convince a consumer to purchase your popcorn. Be sure to back up your claim

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