PROJECT 2: SUPPORTING MATERIALS: MEDIA CONTENT Objectives: • Create supporting m
PROJECT 2: SUPPORTING MATERIALS: MEDIA CONTENT Objectives: • Create supporting material relevant to your creative content and appropriate for submission to an agent. • Review templates and research appropriate content for inclusion in a book proposal, press kit, television treatment, film treatment, or game treatment. After having secured an appropriate and interested agent, the content creator must then prepare supporting materials for submission to the agent. The agent will review these materials in an effort to decide (1) whether he or she wishes to take on the creator as a client and (2) whether a sales package can be developed from these materials for a publishing, licensing, distribution, buy-out or option deal. As you create your supporting materials, consider the following: • Who is your potential audience? • Do these materials present your content in an exciting and persuasive way? • Do your materials suggest ways in which the content can prove itself, commercially, and/or offer options on how to market it? Instructions: 1. Based on your particular creative content, select the appropriate form of supporting material needed for this project; specifically, if you chose a book, create a book proposal; for music, create a press kit; for film, create a film treatment; for television, create a television treatment; and for games, create a game treatment. Please note: for those of you who are creating treatments, you will be only be creating the simpler presentation treatment (i.e., no one should be trying to create the more elaborate original draft treatment, film bible, or game design document). 2. Use industry-specific templates for your materials. You can find these templates located in the Appendix of the textbook. Included are templates for: a book proposal, game presentation treatment, film presentation treatment, and TV presentation treatment. 3. If you are working on a press kit, you may your own existing kit or create a new, original mockup for the project. If you are using your own existing kit, you must still have the following minimum number of elements, which may require modification for submission: a bio for the artist/composer/producer and/or bio for all band/group members; equipment list; gig list; photos; music roster; place for demo recordings; and promotional/marketing materials. For those without an existing kit, you may either create a mockup press kit in Keynote, Word, Pages or other appropriate software or create an electronic press kit using a site such as,, etc. The kit does not have to provide a working demo (simply provide a placeholder for it), but you may certainly provide one if you have it. Important elements of a press kit can be found in the Appendix. 4. For this project, feel free to use outside resources as well as the materials provided in the Appendix of your text, including: press kit materials, sample book proposal, sample film treatment, sample TV treatment, or sample game documentation. Deliverable: Create an industry-standard book proposal; press kit; or game, television or film treatment. Use templates found in the textbook’s Appendix to assist you. You may also use outside materials to assist you. Grading: This project is worth a total of twenty percent (20%). Please see the Instructions and Rubrics for specific details.

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