Problem solving
1. What assumption must we test to include a variable as a blocking factor? 2. Recognize the IV, DV, block and create a table for the following research statement. “A company is planning to investigate the motor skills or elderly population. The company separates the target population into three age categories: 60 – 69, 70 – 79, and above 80 then randomly assign the participants in the study to one of the three task conditions. After individuals have completed the task, their performance will be compared.” 3. Use the data “Lab 3” with the research question to perform a fine report. *age “1”:60-69, “2”: 70-79 and “3”: above 80. THE ANSWER KEY WAS PROVIDED IN THE WEEK 3 FILES - PLEASE PROVIDE AN INSIGHT (1-2 paragraphs) ON ANOVA BLOCKING or THIS EXAMPLE OR CLASS LEARNINGS TO DATE. For example, explain the next steps to be taken in the Lab 3 example - expand to include the 50-59 groups or new motor skill tes.

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