Problem/Solution Topic: You will identify a problem and propose a solution. Eith
Problem/Solution Topic: You will identify a problem and propose a solution. Either the problem or the solution should be controversial so that you have something to argue. Format: MLA Genre: Persuasive P.O.V.: 3rd person. Sources: 6 credible sources (minimum) are to be utilized. One of your sources should be a graphic. *See handout/packet on using graphics in argument. Length: 2,000 words is approximately 8 pages. Once you get to page 8, do a word count. *This does not include your outline or Works Cited page. Structure: The first half of your essay will persuade the reader of the seriousness of the issue and the main causes, while the second half will be based on your proposal. Each paragraph’s claim should be supported/based on research. Thesis/Scope: First, choose a topic that is actually arguable. For example, if you chose “illegal immigration,” there would be a faulty premise, since no immigrant wants to be illegal. What is controversial is how to reform the U.S. immigration policy. Another similar example is with “gun control.” Everyone understands there needs to be some form of “control,” or chaos would ensue. What is controversial is new gun legislation. Word choice is important! Also, understand that you will not be able to argue for world peace or to end world hunger. Your proposal is ONE step in the direction of progress. Your thesis needs to have 2 parts: a clearly stated problem and a proposed solution. Poor Thesis: College in the United States should be free. A little better: Due to the financial hardship incurred by student loans, community college in the United States should be free. *Much better: Due to the financial hardship incurred by student loans, all cannabis sales should be regulated at the federal level to provide a tuition-free education at U.S. state colleges and public universities. *A little more controversial, right? Yet, evidence can be used to argue the problem AND the solution. The Writing Process: brainstorm, research, annotate research, outline ideas, draft, peer edit, and revise with a formal outline. Outline: Remember that each claim will end up being a Roman numeral in your outline. Your A. and B. will be the research that supports. Your 1. and 2. will be commentary about the research. Thesis: ______________________________________ The seriousness of the issue. (Claim). Research. This is called grounds or evidence. Comment. In argument, this is your warrant. A warrant is a reason. Why is this evidence good? Comment.(Backing or Rebuttal.) Backing is further evidence to substantiate your initial evidence/grounds. This can be done through summarizing. A rebutall anticipates the opposition’s argument and brings it to light, showing how their reasoning is flawed or inaccurate.This is also called a “counterargument.” Research *Note: since this is a longer essay, your I. and II. may focus on the seriousness of the issue, and your III. and IV. argue the causes. This is just a model for format. II. The cause(s). Research Research III. How others are helping.(These are solutions that may have been attempted but have failed or fallen short.) Research Research 1. 2. IV. Your proposed solution. A. Research 1. 2. B. Research 1. 2. *Write a complete sentence for each entry. Outline needs to be completed on first page, then the essay, then works cited.

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