Prior to completing this assignment, be sure to have read the readings and revie
Prior to completing this assignment, be sure to have read the readings and reviewed the following lesson on periodization periods and cycles within those periods. You will be expected to use identified terms within that lesson correctly and with clarity. You will be required to submit two documents. A word document and an individually formatted Excel chart. Part A: In your Word document: For this assignment you will choose an individual event athlete. This athlete must be a College/University athlete and there must be Olympic level competition after their college career. Do not use a golf athlete as this sport is used as an example within the PES Text book. The individual event sport of Golf in Appendix A of the PES text book can be used to assist you along with your decisions from the previous assignments and discussions. You are the Head Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning Coach at the College/University where your athlete attends. List and Identify an athlete and the Individual event/sport in which they participate. Provide a link to your athlete's College/University roster bio page. List and describe the specific demands of the sport. Use references to back up your information. Provide an annual time line for your athlete's College/University competition year. Preparatory Period – Off Season Transition Period – Pre Season Competition Period – In Season Include a brief summary of your athlete's entire career thus far. (2-5 sentences) Establish a brief version of your Athlete Assessment Plan, providing the following information: Identify the Assessment* What data will it gather Why is this data important to the Athlete? Why is this data important to the Head Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning Coach? Time of year when data will be gathered Describe how you will collect and store data collected in the assessment results If and when data will be released and to whom it will be released *Repeat for each assessment within the Athlete Assessment Plan You are required to include relevant assessments from the following areas: Readiness for Activity Physiological Postural Transitional and Dynamic Posture Performance Strength Power SAQ Metabolic These Assessments are located within PES, Chapter 3; CES Chapters 4, 5, & 6. In your opinion, what are the 5 primary goals and/or considerations for your Athlete during the Competition Period–In Season for Individual Events/Sports (Golf Example: PES Text, pg. 615). Why did you choose these goals and/or considerations as primary? What are the major influences in your choices of primary goals and/or considerations? Explain. Part B: In your Excel document: Create a sample training program: Present your periodization program using a Mesocycle training plan (PES Chapter 12, pg. 436) for the Competition Period–In Season for your athlete. Identify and define the specific type of periodization plan and what phases of the OPT model (PES Chapter 12 & CPT Chapter 14) you will be addressing during your specified timeline. Using Excel, create a table that contains the following items: Type of periodization plan: Block, Linear, Undulating, or another type. Type of OPT Phase(s) used and length of time on each phase. All acute variables, and ranges for those variables, based on chosen OPT phase and goals. Use CPT Chapter 14, tables 14.7 through 14.11, & PES tables 12.15 through 12.27 for assistance with acute variable ranges for your chosen OPT phases, column headings, and fitness components (Flexibility, Core, Balance, etc). Include 1-3 specific exercises for each fitness component within the training plan. Part C: In your Word document: Summarize the following: Provide rational for your type of periodization plan, choice of OPT phase(s), and exercise choices during your designed Mesocycle training plan for the Competition Period–In Season using required reading materials and out side industry approved sources. Explain why you chose each specific exercise for your athlete. No need to describe how to perform the exercise, just the name. Use your 5 primary goals and/or considerations for your athlete during the Competition Period–In Season to back up your choices, along with required readings and industry approved resources. Requirements: The narrative of your paper should include common sense answers. Please support the rationale for your thoughts and opinions. Cite the sources of any definitions or ideas that are not your own using appropriate academic sources (Reference page must be present – required readings as sources are encouraged). Use these instructions and attached Assignment 2 Format and Layout Guidelines for assistance with organization and submission of the assignment. Formatting: The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (7th edition) title page headings: See outline above for heading title ideas page numbers in-text citations reference page Including the title and reference pages, your entire submission will be no shorter than 5 pages.

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