Presented a research question with data points and utilizing the data to answer
Presented a research question with data points and utilizing the data to answer the question using statistical findings and writing a scientific journal entry in APA format Your charge is to do the following: Given the research question provided to you, identify the research variables that can be used to answer the research question using the dataset that is provided for the purpose of this project. Descriptive requirements: Summarize the variables using the appropriate descriptive statistics (make sure that you use the appropriate descriptive statistics given the level of measurement of the variables that you are dealing with). Only use the necessary descriptive statistics that is meaningful and/or useful to achieve your goals. Using the appropriate descriptive technique assess whether or not your research variables are appropriate to use for the inferential technique that you plan to use in the next step. Inferential requirements: Convert the research question into a scientific research hypotheses in the following manner: Start by verbalizing the research hypothesis State the null hypothesis (using appropriate notations) State the alternative hypothesis (using the appropriate set of notations) State the significance level for your inferential tasks Use the appropriate test statistic (which you should compute using the SPSS software) Findings and interpretation Present the results of your descriptive and inferential analyses – make sure you use the APA style for this presentation. Note the following: If your inference involves hypothesis testing clearly describe the findings in concise language. Use the test statistic, critical alpha and p-value comparison to clarify your decision Use confidence intervals to describe the result of your finding Use at least one measure of effect size to make statement about the change in the population parameter used Finally, discuss the implication/implications of your findings (preferably in relation to pre-existing body of knowledge regarding the results of your analysis. must have access to SPSS for data points

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