Prepare a three- to five-page paper on an economic topic of your choice in which
Prepare a three- to five-page paper on an economic topic of your choice in which you will address a question or topic. Your chosen topic must allow you the opportunity to include a minimum of three macroeconomic concepts learned in the course. Your paper may be an informative paper, informing the reader of the question and topic you have addressed, or an argumentative paper in which you support a certain process. Requirements: A minimum of three and a maximum of five pages of content, not including your title page and Bibliography. An Introductory Paragraph that introduces the subject and its importance and provides a clear and concise thesis statement that previews the key points of the paper. The Body of the content should provide a minimum of three supporting ideas to explain the topic. Content should be substantial enough to accurately explain the topic and the economic concepts. A Conclusion linking the findings throughout your paper to your thesis and addressing your opinions on the topic. Your content should include the following: Include one graphic within the body of your paper. The graphic must be a table, chart or graph that substantiates the information shared in your paper. It should be no larger than 2 ½” in height. Do not include pictures. Include a title page with your name, title of the paper, the class, instructor and the date. Include a Reference Page with full citations on your sources. Use APA format and utilize a minimum of 3 creditable sources. An abstract is not required. Number all of the pages except the title page in your paper. The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and font size 11 or 12, no smaller and no larger. Include your last name in the file name of the document and submit as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf file.

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