**powerpoint presentation including written out speaker script. i will be presen
**powerpoint presentation including written out speaker script. i will be presenting the video myself. Presentation will be on the Robinhood, the stock exchange app. They've had several crisis's, as the instructions say the crisis can be fabricated, but you may use a real one as Robinhood has had a big year of crisis. The presentation is a review of how an organisation might deal with the challenges of an issue, a risk, or a crisis. This must be a real organisation and you must use their accurate background. However, the risk, issue, or crisis can be fabricated. We will talk more about approaches to choosing a client organisation. In the presentation, you will need to: (i) Analyse the present situation of the client in relation to a possible crisis. What are the company’s vulnerabilities – what is the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally, or financially. For example, sometimes companies have a culture in which ordinary workers are reluctant to tell their bosses about difficulties because they fear adverse consequences from doing so. Such a culture could expose a company to the risk of a crisis if managers were unaware of a major problem (this happened in 2013 to Fonterra). (ii) Outline one scenario for a possible crisis the client’s organisation might face. This can be completely made up. A scenario is a possible sequence of events, like details of a plot; therefore, you can think of your scenario as a story, set some time in the future. You will need to use a little imagination. Reading about past crises in the industry sector to which your client belongs is likely to help you. While at this point you are presenting to your client a strategic analysis of a situation in which a crisis might arise, later the analysis could be the basis for your major plan for Assignment 3, which is about developing a detailed approach to handling the anticipated crisis. You are encouraged to write the most detailed possible picture of the crisis you envisage, as you may use this for your next assignment. The better you can envisage what a future crisis might be like, the easier it will be for you later to develop a plan addressing it. In undertaking your assignment, using an analytical tool can help at each stage. You might choose to use SWOT analysis or you can choose to use some other analytical tools. You are not required to use a particular tool. If you chose SWOT, it could be used to provide an analysis of the current situation for part one of the presentation, and also the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that could be used/are apparent in the scenario (the second part of the presentation). It is suggested that you devote roughly half of your presentation to each of the two parts: (a) the present situation and (b) the possible situation – the scenario. There is no set requirement as to number of references for this assignment. Acknowledge whatever sources you draw on and ensure that academic sources are referenced according to correct APA style. You can use the same analytical tool for both sections of this assignment– but it must be clear that the tool/s you have used “fit” the needs of the situation or scenario you are describing. **attached are some notes and references you can and or should use use Coombs, T. (2010)., Public Relations Theory II (pp. 149-175). London: Routledge. Dougherty, D. (1992). Crisis Communications: What Every Executive Needs to Know. New York, NY: Walker Publishing Company, Inc. Jaques, T. (2014). Crisis management - readiness and response. In Issues and crisis management: Exploring issues, crises, and reputation. Oxford.

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