PowerPoint Presentation

Title: The Psychological, Mental, and Physical Impacts of Poverty on Individuals and Families

This should be a PowerPoint presentation discussing the psychological and mental impact of the constant stress caused by living in poverty and how it impacts concentration and decision-making You will also read about the health and physical problems caused by poor decisions that are made because they seem like the only choice or the best choice. 

Objectives included: 

1. Discuss the impact on the cognitive ability of the constant stress experienced by persons living in or near poverty levels. 

2.  Discuss the impact on the health of people living in or near poverty levels  (e.g. inability to eat/have a nutritious diet, unhealthy living conditions such as mold). 

3.  Discuss the impact of the items such as poor diet and unhealthy living conditions on the brain development of infants and young children. 

4.  Explain the plight of the working poor and those living in poverty, especially the challenges and stresses they face daily and the impact that it has on their decision-making and performance on jobs and as parents. 

5.  Discuss the impact of the physical living conditions experienced by those living in or near poverty levels on their: emotional, physical, and mental well-being. 

6. The emotional, mental and physical toll that living in poor physical conditions takes on those living in poverty and how the above makes it so difficult to break the cycle of poverty.

Resources: Please feel free to use any resource beyond these but include:

* Ch. 8 of the David Shipler text Article: How Poverty Taxes the Mind

* Poverty Simulator- https://playspent.org/

On the PowerPoint, include notes to go in further depth! Thank you so much

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