Policy Analysis Paper Go to http://www.legislature.ms.gov/legislation/all-measur
Policy Analysis Paper Go to http://www.legislature.ms.gov/legislation/all-measures-not-dead/ and select a bill for policy analysis that is still active (not dead). This bill must advance the social well-being of others. Analyze the active bill and/or policy signed into law that advances social and economic well-being or relates to social work service delivery. Level 1 Headings: What is the problem that necessitated the policy?; What is the historical background of the policy?; and etc. Level 2 Headings: Use the numbers only (1; 2; 3; 4) Page Number: 3-5 Analysis Model should include: Items Points A. What is the problem that necessitated the policy? 1. How is the problem conceived? 2. Who is affected by the problem and how? 3. How widespread is the problem? 4. What are the causes of the problem? 5. Who is instrumental in problem definition? 6. How important has this problem been historically? 15 B. What is the historical background of the policy? 1. How was the problem previously handled (if at all)? 2. What is the legislative history of the policy? 3. When did the policy originate and how (law, court decision, executive order, etc.). 4. How has the original policy changed over time (if at all?) 5. How will the policy address the problem? 15 C. What is the policy? 1. How is the policy intended to work? 2. What types of resources or opportunities is it expected to provide (Cash, job training, in-kind services, and so on)? 3. Who will be covered by the policy and what are the criteria for inclusion? 4. What is/are the social programs that will be implemented as a result of the policy? 5. What are the intended short and long-term goals and outcomes of the policy? 6. What is the funding mechanism for the policy including long- and short-term funding commitments? 7. Who will administer the policy? (i.e., what is the role of the private sector as well as local, state, and federal governments in the development and implementation of the policy?) 8. Who has responsibility for overseeing, evaluating and coordinating the policy? 9. Is there an evaluation process present? Critique it. 10. What role did social work play in the development of policy? In the delivery of services? 40 D. Goals 1. What is(are) the goal(s) of the policy? 2. Do the goals contribute to a better quality of life for the target group? How? 3. Are the goals consistent with the values of social work? 4. How do groups at risk relate to the target group in the policy? 15 E. Political Feasibility 1. Who supports the policy and who opposes it? 2. Is a large portion of the public concerned about the policy? 15 Total 100

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