Please write me a personal statement for law school. Please incorporate the foll
Please write me a personal statement for law school. Please incorporate the following in there but please don′t put it in word for word: ″I think I′m suitable for Law School because of my experience at working at a law firm for the past four years. During my time, learned and interacted with different attorneys and paralegals as well as with clients in order to help them achieve the best possible outcome with their case. I also learned how to sharpen my negotiating skills as well as drafting different legal papers. My academic strengths are Collaboration, Active listening, Resilience, Written communication, Growth mindset, Organization and prioritization, Time management, Empathy and kindness. , , The job positions that I have taken that are in line with why I am applying to law school is a paralegal in a law firm. Other accomplishments that I am proud of are learning how to graphic design, volunteering in community service, Co Editor in Chief of a religious magazine. Head of community youth services in my community. This law school will help me achieve my dream of becoming an attorney to better help people from within and outside my community. Even if somehow I don′t become a lawyer, I believe after graduating with a JD together with my vast knowledge of the law can help bring a big impact to society″ Please make it look professional but please don′t use sophisticated words/phrases/language etc. Thank You

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