Please watch: Long Shot (Jacob LaMendola, US, 2017) 40 min. on Netflix (If you n
Please watch: Long Shot (Jacob LaMendola, US, 2017) 40 min. on Netflix (If you need access to a netflix account I can provide one) This is only 40 min. and full of surprises! -and it is so worth it!! 1. In your response, CHOOSE ON OF THE TWO STATEMENTS BELOW about True Crime documentaries. Discuss how you see Long Shot in light of the statement that you choose. 2. Finally, tell us how you see Long Shot as an example of the True Crime genre as we are understanding it so far. CHOOSE ONE OF THESE TO DISCUSS! A. Bruzzi says that "Straddling television, web broadcast, podcasts and cinema, the true crime documentary is gaining in cultural prominence and resonance. The genre raises significant issues about the representation of the law in the digital era, perceptions of justice, narrative and evidence, the increased 'jurification' of audiences and the instability of truth ... Documentary can clearly serve justice, just as the law can provide riveting entertainment; it is important, perhaps, to remember not to blur the two. (280) ["Making a Genre: the case of the contemporary true crime drama documentary"] OR B. Turner says that " true-crime documentaries and podcasts can offer commentary on both social issues and the intricate workings of criminal justice. In doing so they can tackle, educate and question complex systems in a palatable and engaging way, sparking conversation and debate ... The fact that a documentary series can leave such a lasting impression on its viewer, helping to shape opinion of not only the cases featured but the wider systems that seek justice for them, show them to be a powerful tool for change" l'Are we right to have an obsession with true crime?"

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