****PLEASE USE THE THE ORGANIZATION THAT HAS BEEN ALREADY PROVIDED (GENERAL ELECTRIC) PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC**** ***PLEASE USE ONLY THE MATERIALS I PROVIDE IN THE FILES AREA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT**** DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA PLEASE SEE WK4Assign+Williams+RSR IN THE FILES AREA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT TGHIS WILL HELP YOU. THIS IS A CONTINUATION ASSIGNMENT FROM THE PREVIOUS WEEKS. ***YOU ARE ONLY DOING PART 2B AND PART 3*** ***PLEASE USE 6990 CAPTSONE TEMPLATE IN THE FILES AREA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT*** For this week’s Assignment, you will continue in the role of a consultant who has been hired by the CEO of your selected company to lead a tiger team tasked with addressing issues the organization is facing. You will build on the work you completed in Module 1 and will resume developing your Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results. This week, you will continue to compile Section 2 of your playbook. Be sure to address the requirements for Part 2B and Part 3, and include specific examples (where appropriate) and relevant citations from the Learning Resources or from others throughout the program, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate academic sources to support your work. To prepare for this Assignment: Return to your WMBA 6990 Assignment Template to complete Section 2—Part 2B and Part 3 of your strategy playbook. Submit your continued evaluation of the need and opportunity for change for the organization, as well as your evaluation of its organizational readiness, to include the following in approximately 2 pages: (1 PAGE FOR PART 2B AND 1 PAGE FOR PART 3) Part 2B: Evaluating the Need and Opportunity for Change 1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your selected organization and provide the findings. Synthesize the opportunities for future success; be specific. 2. Summarize the purpose of change for a business and how a business can overcome its resistance to change. Part 3: Evaluating Organizational Readiness 1. Analyze how organizational readiness supports the success of a strategy. 2. Evaluate the change readiness of the business. Include specific examples to justify your evaluation. 3. Explain how change management can be an effective tool for development and execution of a business strategy.

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