please this assignment needs to be only in a powerpoint presentation . I would
please this assignment needs to be only in a powerpoint presentation . I would like 5 references on it and ten slides in total if it takes more that ,thats ok . Also I want it to be about domestic violence .The istructions are as followed . Students will design their own strategic plan for a fictitious civil service office and use the following structure to create their strategic plan: A. Organizational mission to. Why do we exist? b. What are the values that guide the organization? B. Vision to. Describe the ideal dream of the entity C. Main problem (s) to. Alternatives to solve b. Cause (s) of the problem (s) c. Reasons to solve it (s) D. Analysis of the environment to. External / Macro-environment b. Internal / Micro-environment E. Strategies to. Opportunities b. Risks F. Action plan to. Description of the plan, purpose and recommendations b. Changes or impact decisions G. Goals to implement to. What are you going to do? b. When? c. How? H. Entities in charge of the plan to. Department b. Chores I. Detailed measurement and control plan to. Specific results expected to be achieved (quantifiable) b. Method of measurement c. Time given for each objective d. Expected results J. Plan implementation time to. Design a hypothetical timetable for the implementation and evaluation of the strategic plan K. Communication strategy. to. Define criteria to develop an effective communication plan L. Evaluation to. Benefits obtained from the implementation b. Current results c. Tracing More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels

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