Please the attached instruction… The SWOT is completed and is attached to this
Please the attached instruction... The SWOT is completed and is attached to this assignment... Please only do the powerpoint Now that you have completed a SWOT Analysis on the organization you chose, it is time to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be submitted to your instructor/classroom The presentation should include the following and be a minimum of 10-12 slides in length (not including Title or Reference slides): 1. Title slide - the title of presentation, company/organization name, your name, course, and date of submission. 2. Purpose – briefly describe the purpose of the presentation and a summary of the organization, including the business the organization is in (e.g., retail, production, technology services, education, etc.) 3. SWOT Findings - 6-7 slides including a slide with the SWOT Table you created. Use slides and notes to explain the business’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces in the marketplace. In addition to the SWOT Table, each quadrant (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) should have its own slide and in-depth Notes. Last, answer the question: how are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats interconnected? 4. Focus on Information Systems – 2-3 slides describing recommendations based on the SWOT analysis; how can the information system components (hardware, software, data, people, processes) contribute to overcoming external barriers and bettering the health of the organization? 5. Summary/Conclusion – synthesize the presentation – what were the most important points? 6. References - cite at least two resources with APA formatted citation and reference. a. Remember to correctly cite and reference all sources. Any direct quotes should be indicated within the slide text with appropriate quotation marks and an intext citation (however, direct quotes should be short and used sparingly, if at all). Complete references for sources should be included in the corresponding Notes section. Paraphrased material can just be referenced within the Notes section of the slides without an in-text citation on the slide. This deviates from APA style but keeps the slides more readable. *ALL Slides MUST Have Notes – provide a comprehensive explanation of what is on the slide. Since there is no oral presentation, the Notes serve to explain what the audience sees on the slide *The bullet points in your presentation will be supported by relevant details in the Notes section of the slides, which contain the actual words you would say to the stakeholders as you present each slide. Since you cannot actually present the slides in person, the Notes will show what you would actually say. This is an important part of your presentation. Presentations with limited or no “Notes” will receive much lower grades, because the bullets cannot tell the whole story. Please see the attachment!!!

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