Please take the peer feedback you received on your draft into consideration and
Please take the peer feedback you received on your draft into consideration and follow the advice for revising that was given on pages 291-293 of your textbook, as you complete and submit the final draft of your analytical essay. Your final essay should be 750 words in length and should follow the guidelines in The Curious Writer for writing an analytical essay. Craft an analytical essay that has an effective introduction, a body that is rich with details, and a satisfying conclusion; an essay that analyzes your selected subject carefully and offers a convincing particular interpretation of the subject. For additional assignment details, go to the "Major Assignments" folder and select "Analytical Essay Outline" to view and/or print the assignment summary. Format Instructions for All Papers: Write in 12-point size font using any style of font that is easy to read (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana) Place this information in the Upper Left Corner of p. 1: Your Name EN 102: Your section number (e.g., C333) Date 3. Double space and center the title of your essay. A good rule of thumb is one to five words that indicate the topic of your essay; do not title your essay Week _ Writing Assignment. Double space your entire essay (do not add additional spaces between paragraphs). 4. Use 1 ¼-inch margins on the left and right and 1-inch margins at the top and bottom. To view and/or print the above format instructions and additional advice for ALL papers click: Instructions and Advice for All Papers. This resource is also available in the course Toolbox.

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