Please select one of the following two topics and argue for either the “pro” or
Please select one of the following two topics and argue for either the "pro" or "con" side of the debate: Option 1: Social distancing guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to increased use of telemedicine, including live psychotherapy via videoconferencing platforms and over mobile apps (Fiske & Kim, 2020; Figueroa & Aguilera, 2020). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have accordingly taken steps to allow for greater ease of access to telemedicine services (Kichloo et al., 2020). Please argue for or against the continued use of telehealth for mental health counseling services. Option 2: Several of the mental health diagnoses that we learn about in the course have known treatments that have been well-supported by rigorous research. These are called "empirically supported treatments" (ESTs) (Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures, 1995). For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered an EST for Panic Disorder (Craske & Barlow, 2007). Do you think all treatments should be empirically supported in order to be ethical in clinical practice? Please take a side. If you argue the PRO side, you will argue that treatments need to be empirically supported to be ethical. If you argue the CON side, you will argue that treatments need not be empirically supported to be ethical in practice. Your goals in the debate will be to: Demonstrate understanding of the emerging issue and relevant research findings Display critical thinking skills, while demonstrating an understanding of the emerging issue that enables you to present your side in a rational manner. Identify at least two critical dilemmas and/or points related to the issue (e.g., ethics, socio-cultural norms) Defend your position with compelling arguments and predictions for future trends Select and apply relevant theoretical discussion, empirical data, and practical evidence from professional, scholarly journals. Format: A page length is not set for this assignment. The emphasis is on clear, critical analysis. Historically, strong, well-developed papers average around 5-pages of text, before adding title page and references page. Structure your paper utilizing APA style (7th Edition); this includes title page, headings, in-text citations, reference page, and general paper format (1-inch margins, double-spaced, appropriately sized sans serif or serif fonts - e.g., 12 Times Roman). An abstract is not required. Accurately use APA style citations and references. Apply sound writing mechanics: write with clarity, paying attention to spelling, grammar, and syntax. Submit to your Assignment Folder as a single document in either Microsoft Word, PDF, or RTF format.

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