Please select a public sector agency or a local government in Israel or in a dif
Please select a public sector agency or a local government in Israel or in a different country and suggest how its performance can be improved through the integration of an artificial intelligence algorithm (i.e., an algorithm that relies on big data analysis, learns from experience, adjusts to new inputs and performs human-like tasks). Provide the selected agency with guidance on how to integrate the algorithm into its day-to-day work by responding to the following questions: 1) Problems and needs (10 points): Indicate a specific problem or need that the agency has encountered and that can be addressed by the algorithm. 2) The algorithm’s operation (15 points): Explain how your proposed algorithm would work and how it would respond to the agency’s problem. Also note who would be responsible for managing and monitoring the algorithm. There is no need for any technical knowledge or descriptions in this section. 3) Prior experience with the algorithm (20 points): Refer to at least two examples of prior experience with a similar or related algorithm in other countries, other sectors, or other contexts. If you selected an algorithm that has not been operationalized yet, provide examples of related algorithms or examples that can inform the operation of your proposed algorithm. 4) Changes with respect to the status quo (10 points): Explain how the proposed algorithm would affect or change the work patterns and processes of the selected government agency? Which changes would need to be done with respect to human resources, organizational structures, infrastructure, operational procedures, etc., to enable a full and satisfactory integration of the algorithm? 5) Challenges (20 points): What are the main challenges that you foresee with regards to the integration of the algorithm in the work of the government agency (please refer to political, economic, institutional, social, and technical challenges, as applicable)? How would you suggest to mitigate these challenges? 6) Algorithm-specific data governance rules (25 points): How should data collected to enable the operation of the algorithm be managed to enable its fair and efficient operation? Please refer to the following issues: a. Who can collect data and for what purposes as part of the algorithm’s operation? b. Who can access data that was collected and/or analyzed for the purposes of the algorithm? When and for how long should this access be available? c. How, where, and by whom should the data be stored? d. Should there be any reuse of the data for other purposes that are not directly relevant to the algorithm’s operation?

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